Tony BEERDEN : Curriculum or a sketch of my live

Born on March 28, 1947 in Genk, in the Flemish region in northern Belgium. Baccalaureate from St. Jean Berchmans High School in Genk in 1966.
. . . 1996 : arrival in Toulon, married to Nadia El Mrani.
2000 : NICE
2006 : ASSILAH – 2008 : TANGER – 2011 : AGADIR - Morocco

Professional activities

1969: Lieutenant, Logistics Corps, Belgian Armed Forces

1969-1975: Various missions in Germany; liaison with other Armed Forces and with German Ministry services

1975-1977: Personnel management, Defence Ministry computerisation of personnel files

1977-1979: Commander, Transportation Group for NATO General Headquarters

1979: Commanding Technical Officer, Medical Service

1981-1998: Director, Military Centre for Alcohology, Department of Military Psychiatry, Reine Astrid Military Hospital, Brussels.

- Mission: training, prevention, treatment,co-ordination

- Field: drugs, alcohol, deviant behaviour

- Public: Army, Navy, Air Force, Medical Service, National Police Force

April 1, 1998: Retirement from the Army

Free-lance activities (simultaneously and with authorisation from the Ministry)

1990: creation of ALCOBE, accredited training, counseling & coaching organisation

- in Belgium, 1990 - in Paris from 1991 to 1997 -  in Toulon since 1997 - in Nice since 2000 - in ASSILAH – TANGER – AGADIR -  Morocco

From 1990 to today: activities in the fields of training, therapy, consulting and supervision in France, Europe, Morocco and the United States.

Actually : ALCOBE works  Morocco : Tanger, Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Marrakech, Agadir.

Academic background and training

- Several levels of military studies.

- Alcohology studies at AREAT (Research and Teaching Association for Alcohology and Substance Abuse) in Amiens and Aix-en-Provence, France.

- Trainer at AREAT from 1982-1988.

- Criminology studies at the University of Leuven (Belgium) for four years. Thesis: Calculation of the cost of alcoholism within the Armed Forces.

- Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Business at the University of Antwerpen, Belgium

. - University of Leuven (Belgium) Continuing and Adult Education Centre: Trainer's Training for Teaching and Training Adults.

- Neuro-Linguistic Programming

-Technician,Practitioner, Master Practitioner in two different training institutions

- Assistant to several American trainers.

- Ericksonian Hypnosis, three different schools

- organisation of trainings for therapists and trainers

- development of new applications

- organisation of hypnosis courses.

- Provocative Therapy with Frank Farelly.

- 'NLP in der Arbeit mit Sucht und Co-Abh‰ngigkeit', in Vienna, Austria (NLP and working with addictions and co-dependency).

- 'Innere F¸hrung mit Einheitsf¸hrern' (Leadership for commanding officers), German Defence Ministry.

- 'International Military Psychology Symposium', National Defence Ministries of Portugal, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain and the United States.

- 'Specialised training for military school teachers and trainers', Military Centre for Psychology. Participant,


- Secretary for the Ministerial Commission for the Prevention of Suicide and Deviant Behaviour, Belgium, 1982-1997.

- IAMPS: International Association of Military Applied Psychology, research and application of psychology in the military.

- Council of Europe, Pompidou Group: Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Education. Participant and representative for four years.

- National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism, Belgium, 1980-1991.

- Co-founder of the International Congress 'NLP 2005', international forum for exploring the direction of the field of NLP.

- Creator and co-ordinator of a group of professionals working in the field of health and well-being in France, Morocco.

- Supervisor of social integration teams.

- Projects in progress in training, counseling and medicine and social work in Morocco.


- spoken and written :  French - English - German - Flemish (Dutch)

- notions - Italian

- presently learning :  Classical Arabic, spoken and written - Moroccan